the sign

My entire life I have been told that I am special and that I will be someone great. Twenty eight years of hearing this and I'm beginning to believe they were confused. I have spent so much of my time and energy working for other people. Building their businesses managing their assets ensuring they continue to have revenue and are making the bottom dollar but I hate working for other people. I have been in real estate, marketing, legal field, sales, brokering, food service I even made gold grills in the middle of the mall in high school so basically you name it I have done it. I am usually underrated at every job I walk into and with ease, out perform everyone. I make myself indispensable and then I get bored…and the boredom turns into hate as I notice how my hard works is making the others wealthy while I barely make 71K. My dad once told me there is always going to be someone serving the bread and someone eating the bread and my response is brioche please. I have aimlessly gone from job to job chasing the almighty dollar and burnt myself out quickly. I have decided that THIS IS IT. I am done. This job that I am working right now will be the last time I am serving the bread. When I walk away from this job I will walk into FREEDOM in every since of the word.

Freedom from relying on people to provide me with means to take care of my little human. I will be calling the shots, making the plays and working for me. I will be the best boss I never had. Now that you know the what I am sure you are wondering the how. This is where things get tricky. My first step in creating the life I want is to deprogram my mindset. I have been a co dependent my entire life and I always need someone there, I am always in a relationship and tied down one way or another. I spend so much of my time and energy focusing on other people and their happiness and THIS IS IT. I am done. This will be all about ME, and as selfish as this sounds it is necessary. So step one I need to distance myself from my current partner. We have been dating since December and he is everything I asked for in the package I couldn’t resist. With all that greatness comes time, energy, emotions that I have to give and right now in order for me to create this life I need to cut ties. My sole focus is me and my little human. If it is not about branding myself, building my career or advancing my daughter I do not have time for it because it is a distraction; and i love a good distraction.  I have not fully broken away that will take time but I am emotionally cutting myself off and hopefully he will find Mrs. Wright pun intended. Now I have all my energy and emotions in line I need to eliminate the fear of failing in order for me to fly. When you are working for others you always have someone to blame when things go awry. The lazy coworker, the not so service oriented customer service rep but when you are your own boss if you sink IT IS ALL ON YOU. I have been so afraid of failing I wouldn’t even try so I changed my thinking. “If I try and it doesn’t work out I can always go work for someone else” that option will always exist so there is no reason fear.

I see myself being a working nomad. I want to stay in different countries explore learn the language and blaze the unbeaten path with my little human in tow. Breaking free from the 9 to 5 allows me to stand up from behind the desk and experience the world. Since my daughter is not in school yet the time is now. I am searching for ways to work from my laptop everyday. The feelings is freeing the possibilities are endless and I am beyond ready. THIS IS IT....AU REVOIR