I've Always Been a Broad But Never "ABROAD"

My flight from Chicago had a brief layover in Iceland compliments of flying on the cheapest airline I could find. I have never really been interested in Iceland and the only real thing I know is that people say Iceland is green and Greenland is ice. Stepping off the plane that brisk air hit me and I am inappropriately dressed of course but standing on the landing of the stairs down to the tarmac I can say I felt the most freedom I have ever felt in my life. My feet are firmly planted on the soil of another country. I wonder how many noire girls from Indiana have dreamed of leaving their circumstances and experiencing the world. I have finally accomplished it. The appeal of traveling abroad is that you get to be in a place you have never been before around a group of people with different cultures and traditions. There are language barriers, you have no clue where you are going but somehow none of these things matter. What matters is that you are able to adapt to these ever changing new environments and thrive. I strive to thrive. So for the next three hours I will be getting ready to step foot in the United Kingdom not knowing how to make it to my hotel but I will figure out the transit. I will check in relax then go and buy a coat at some local store while finding a place to eat because I’m starving. I will attempt to blend in with the locals while taking in every site, smell and sound. Being a working nomad is amazing. With that being said THIS IS IT.

Whitley Yatestravel, working, abroad