Why Not Me??

Have you ever just sat back and looked at people who were thriving and wondered...what is it that they have and you do not. Where can it be purchased, who stocks success because with as much time as you spend in Target you should have ran across it by now. I have struggled with this question my entire life. I attempt to have a positive outlook on life even in the dark ages (ill have to tell you about that one day) I still remained positive and never felt as though I achieved the level of that I wanted. So after searching high and low I have finally found out the answer. Let me tell you now you are not going to like it. The answer is the difference between them and you is NOTHING. If you want the success, the business, the blog, the social media account, the influencer status, to be a top hairstylist, or authority on fashion submerse yourself in the industry learn as much as you can and JUMP. Most of us do not jump because we are afraid to fly. Those people who are the "doers" have decided that the fear of failing will not be what holds them back. I am working on this mantra and not allowing the fear of failure to stunt me or keep me from acquiring the success and freedom I have always dreamed of. So I will switch from the "why not me" to "I AM THE ONE" just wait on it.