branding & visibility

module 1

Clarity Course to Success

Developing your passion, refining your business model, the exact direction and position of your business, pricing products / services

module 2

Clear & Ideal Customer & Niche Market

You'll work on: Identifying exactly who you are meant to serve and how to serve them, how to find them, how to make yourself a magnet to attract them

module 3

Tuning Your Tribe

Finding your story and voice, turning your story into a powerful money magnet and using it to build a deep connection with your audience or customer

module 4

Branding Your Business

Designing your stunning Brand and cultivating your brand voice style and identity & make your mark

Module 5

Clever Content Creation

Creating irresistible content that is true to your brand and purpose. Forge relationships w/content

module 6

Mastering Social Media Marketing

Understanding how to professionally market yourself, growing your following and work with influencer's

module 7

Irresistible Website & Landing Pages

Designing captivating landing pages w/high conversion rates. Making a website that sells

module 8

Procuring Passive Income

Implementing business systems and automation to allow you work LESS but earn MORE

module 9

Secret to Sales

Overcoming fear and delivering the price of your products / services, designing your alluring sales pitch

module 10

Learning to Launch

Marketing and Promotion tools and tricks for launch of new business products or services

module 11

Key Performance Indicators / Goal Setting

Exploring additional monetisation options that compliment your existing business create additional revenue


 Defining your 6 month - 1year success indicators